Taraba State Specialist Hospital Launches Hospital Information and Revenue Collection System

Taraba State Specialist Hospital launches the Hospital Information and Revenue Collection System developed by Ke Nako Limited. The platform automates the collection of patient information, it also handles billing and provides electronic collection of revenue. It is expected to eradicate or minimize income leakages in the institution.

2015/2016 Gombe State Scholoarship Goes Digital

The Gombe State Scholarship Board now uses the Online Scholarship Manager, a product of Ke Nako Limited which simplifies the process of application and selection of beneficiaries for the state scholarship.

PayandPins Launched By Ke Nako Limited

A multichannel payment system with options including web payment, ATM, POS, cash at bank etc. Payandpins is used by the Gombe State Ministry of Education, Adamawa state, BIR and Jigawa state Specialist Hospital.

EHR Launched by Bauchi State

Bauchi state deploys our Electronic Health Record and Revenue System which will be able to access Electronic Medical Records from all eight(8) general hospitals located in various LGAs within Bauchi State remotely.

H-care Now Live at Jigawa State Specialist Hospital

The Hospital has implemented the hospital information management system (H-care) to run some of its core processes. The platform has been in use since 2013.

Adamawa State Launches New Automated Number Plate Manager

Adamawa State Government launches Platemanager developed by Ke Nako Limited. The system automates the management and issuance of vehicle number plates at the state's MVAA.

Our Services

At Ke Nako , we develop technology solutions that answer today’s critical business challenges. Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Some of our services include:


PayandPins is a multichannel payment system currently in use by the Gombe State government. It integrates various payment methods such as ATM, POS, cash paymets, and bank payments.

Hospital Information and Revenue Software (H-care)

H-care is a Hospital Management System with several modules handling all the different aspect of hospital administration, ranging from revenue collection, inventory management, patients medical record etc. State Hospital Dutse in Jigawa has employed our services and the application has been in use since 2013.

IGR Collection System

The System handles collections of various types of taxes and also automates the disbursements of allocations to beneficiary MDAs, which is a first in Nigeria. Comprehensive tabular and graphical reports are made available to help administrators monitor tax remittances and compliance. The platform is pioneered by the Adamawa State Government. The IGR system is deployed in partnership with Financial Institutions, who act as collecting agencies and interfaces with their core platforms.

Vehicle Number plate Manager (DigiPlate)

DigiPlate automates vehicle number plate managements and most other activies of State MVAAs (Motor Vehicle Administration Agencies). It handles requisition and issuance of number plates, manages stock balances, registers and tracks distributed number plates and it is also useful for monitoring financial records. This application has been deployed in Adamawa State.

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Ke Nako consists of talented, dedicated and creative professionals who are extremely committed to making a difference.

We have successfully partnered with states governments, higher institutions, private firms and banks to develop, implement and support their technology portfolios.

What We Do

At Ke Nako , we develop, implement and manage technology solutions that answer today’s critical business challenges.

We serve businesses across Nigeria, who have a desire to effectively interconnect and manage information for optimal performance. We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve their business and technology goals, while making their lives easier. We strive to bring clarity to complexity, improve operations, enable cost reductions, increase customer satisfaction, and accelerate growth.

We accomplish this through deep expertise and innovative applications, tailored to our clients’ needs; as well as a flexible, open and honest approach with our clients.

We provide solutions such as:

  • Online Scholarship Manager
    • Hospital Information Management and Revenue Collection System
    • Payment solutions
    • Vehicle Number plate Manager

    Our Clients & Partners


    Adamawa State Government

    IGR Collection System


    Gombe State Scholarship Board

    Online Scholarship Manager


    Taraba State Specialist Hospital, Jalingo

    Hospital Information and Revenue Software (H-care)


    Polaris Bank



    Bauchi State Government

    Electronic Health Record and Revenue System


    Courteville Business Solutions

    Automation of Vehicle Registration


    Adamawa State BIR

    Vehicle Record Management System


    Nigeria Inter-Banks Settlement System (NIBSS)

    PayAndPins Agregator Platform

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